Prototype 2 game guide includes detailed description of completing all main and side missions in single player campaign. Download: Prototype 2 Game Guide Strategy Game Guide and Walkthrough This PDF game guide is compatible with the free Adobe Reader format. Major powers. During completing the campaign Heller learns five major powers. They can be described as melee weapons produced by the virus, which.

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Prototype 2: Official Strategy Guide is the official game guide for Prototype 2 published by BradyGames and released on April 24, The guide contains. IGN presents assorted guides for Prototype by GamingDragon91 You will need to If your browser is set to automatically open PDF files and you wish to save it Get the IGN Games Newsletter - Over 2 Million Served!. prototype 2 game guide pc tnintamante files wordpress com prototype 2 game guide pdf. Pictures, documents, manufacturing data, ratings, comments, features, .

In here are 5 other gold in the trunk in the center. And to the bottom right is an Old Sword. Once you grab it blobs appear. Feel free to test your new weapon.

Now that we have the sword we are ready to go exploring. We only have one more thing to do before entering the forest. Follow the wake of monsters until you pass a bridge.

Head back to the path and go up. To your right are some tangled vines we will deal with later.

Now you will have the option of choosing your own name. I will stick with Kuro as the default name. Fina now offically joins your team! Useless comment: You actually CAN decline her offer, however without her there's no going forward she will even commment about Kuro being pig headed She has a very powerful and helpful ability which you can release by holding the attack button and release when her meter is full.

This can push levers, cut vines, move objects and such. You'll come across your first save point right after the vines. No need for a menu just step on it and you're done. Also know that the game saves when you exit to the world map or enter certain specific places such as Inns. Head right, in this area you will come across two new devious types of enemies.

The squirrels can seem tricky at first but should not provide much of a challenge. Ergo you two-shot them. As you progress you will find 2 vines ahead of you, Go for the right side one first as it has a chest It containS Green Goop, this will later be used for potions. It's good to stock up on these!

Now cut the other vine and go through it. If you go far left you'll see some interesting particles in the water. We can't do anything here yet, but something to keep in mind later.

You need the third partner Velvet to cross these, which you will be able to do only after gathering the 5 fragments and removing the Weapo out of Time It's time for your first boss fight! This boss is fairly easy, He shoots balls of goop that explodes into smaller balls in a cross pattern. He also shoots a star pattern of energy at you between intervalls. Remember Fina's charge up attack? Use this to stay at range and easily beat the boss.

Beating the guardian will most likely net a level up and activate the Magilith.

Fina will utter a phrase. Trivia : The phrase actually is refered to a Fake-Text, which ressemble latin and is commonly created and used to format text in an editor. Once format is complete the real text is inserted in it's place.

How to uninstall Prototype 2.0?

There even are some gnerators on the net with many mimicked languages Then the Magilith will glow and sort of transport you or something. You actually traveled to the Past The forest hasn't changed much if at all, but the lower graphics quality makes it hard to recognise paths. Start by going down and chop down the tree blocking your path. Go down and chop down the bushes to reach the chest. Continue down the road, chop the tree and push it into the river to create a path. Go left if you'd like some XP, killing the mushrooms that bothered Fina back then.

You should now stand next to two big blocks.

Go down and roll the log over to the blocks. Chop down the vines next to where the blocks where to reveal another log, Roll it into the water to procede. There is a chest to grab in here remeber where the first star was?

Her village vanished, and she then tries to reason that the villagers must have taken shelter in the mountains. You'll then see the replication of Davy Crokett fishing. You can talk to him. What he and FIna say in bulk There is a war going on, and he just has chosen this spot to settle in. He reminds fina of her father but definitely is crasy the war ended 50 years ago.

You'll have to come back for him later anyways Once done exit the map from the right and go up right to the next zone. Which you will traverse a lot. SIgned : Almaghest Anyway. Head up to the snowy mountains called Grizzly Pass. Follow the passageway to the entrance of a tunnel. The solution to this minipuzzle is quite frustrating when you don't know it.

Just re-enter the tunnel you exit from On the left here is a rusted switch. FIna suggests a strong blow to it.

You're not strong enough but Fina's charge on the switch will do and another entrance will open. Next walk as far right as you possibly can and enter both tunnels each for a switch. Once both are activated, enter the middle opening that has appeared and you will be greeted by a save point. Smack the bolders infront of you with your sword and then it's time for a classic falling rock segment.

The rocks are breakable, but i recommend just running through this segment as it's a time waste to do otherwise. Almaghest : "I would instead recommend bashing your sword for the vertical "upwards" passes. Cause you'll need health for what is to come and you don't want to loose to much to the rocks" Up to you In this next "room" You'll find that the ground is shaped like a skull with a switch in the middle.

Prepare to battle. Not too difficult at this point. Just hit and when they charge RUN. Enter the opening to the left. You will come across a Mammut here. It's currently blocking the way.

Prototype 2 Guide

Fina will try to help thanks to a bracelet of greater strength which isn't even magical Only to let you decide what to do. Punch him in the trunk with Fina's charge to make him move. Now you are at the very first area that people have had some trouble with.

The mMammut puzzles Here is a series of images on which are the places to move each mammut in order. First image So first push the mammut up, and go to the top left to push another mammut down Next go around and to the left and push the second mammut right then go into the left passageway In here push the mammut left and go to the now clear path which leads you to these two Now push the rightmost mammut Left and the downmost mammut up followed by the middle left one right FInally push all the mammuts in the order and direction shown below Now you'll be able to reach the last zone, follow the path to the waterfall.

Once beneath it, go up and collect the Mammut Steak inside a chest. You'll need this much later in the game. Go back and go up. You'll save a girl but doing so will make a lot of guards hostile. They pose no real threat.

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You'll find 5 waves of 6 soldiers and then Colonel Dalkin will appear and put an end to your shenanigans. Really he one shoots you don't try to avoid this.

You'll be taken into custody then.

That's why she doesn't want to go back there. Fortunately for us, the soldier guarding us is asleep. Strangely enough Fina's shout to kuro didn't wake him either. We must now adapt to our surroundings and watch out for enemy patrols.

Possible problems when you uninstall Prototype 2.0

Tip: you can press the attack button to see further the direction you're looking Start by going down, Avoid the first guard and pass him by when he's gone into the leftside opening. Go down and then left into the shadows.

When the guard that is there is south of you and looking right, go past him to the next shadowspot and up to the save point. Good we're making progress.

Go to the left, avoid the guard and enter the shadow here. Until he passes you by. Next room has 4 pillars.

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Prototype 2 Official Strategy Guide by Activision Activision and BradyGames Staff (2012, Paperback)

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Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles an.. Stop at the door because there IS a guard that can come check it. You'll need this much later in the game. Heller's powers Achievements. Such prototypes often remove control from the user, as they generally have to interact in basic ways or simply inform an evaluator, demonstrate or write a blow-by-blow account of how they would use the finished product.

Use this to stay at range and easily beat the boss. Go down and roll the log over to the blocks.