Terminal book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The end to end all ends: The epic finale to the NEW YORK TIMES bestsellin. Terminal is the sixth and final novel in the Tunnels series, published in UK on 6 May The book begins with Jiggs in the inner world discovering that Drake is still alive, but has been affected by the nuclear radiation from the explosion at. Terminal (Tunnels Book 6) [Roderick Gordon, Brian Williams] on tauhobackbuti.cf * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The end to end all ends: The epic finale to.

Terminal Tunnels Book 6

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Terminal (Tunnels, Book 6) [Roderick Gordon] on tauhobackbuti.cf *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Terminal. Terminal (Tunnels: Book 6). Roderick Gordon and Highly-anticipated sixth book in the internationally-bestselling Tunnels series. Series now sold to more than. In this sixth and concluding book of the Tunnels series, the Styx and their cohorts of deadly Armagi have swept across England, leaving death and devastation in.

Talking about that, Chester was one of the main characters, he was there since the beginning, and our main heroes best friend. But in this last book, I find his character butchered, I get that he was depressed and disturbed, I just think that he wasn't told right as part of the story.

I never really liked him that much. Still, I think his death should have been more meaningful, instead we didn't even get the time to mourn. Not even the characters we see did, Stephanie as the witness just said she didn't felt anything? Martha just flew away and never heard of again?

And Will didn't give much reaction about it? Although he was his best friend? Next, Jurgen, Werner, Karl, and Woody. They are the best example of characters that only exist to serve the story. The New Germanian were there just to explain what happened in New Germania and introduce the detoxing method to Will and Elliot. Woody was there just to open Elliot's path to the whole Styx and spaceship story. But when they have done all that, they're just forgotten and gone?

When Elliot came back there's no evidence of them living or dead and it's all up to our assumption.

Of course we don't need to know about every characters mentioned in stories. But they weren't just mentioned, we were given the time to get to know them and invested our feelings to these particular characters, it's just not fair for the readers and the characters. I also have some minor issues with Elliot.

She's my favorite character and I keep seeing myself as her whilst reading the books. She's a great character overall, though she lack of solid character?

I mean she's very fluid, we can never expect what's going on in her head and what she would do or how she will react. One time she's all vulnerable, the other jokes around, and then she goes stiff or just spacing out. I'm just disappointed that a few part of the book we got to see Elliot more humanly with Will and still with got her alertness. Then completely changed because of her Styx instinct and acted almost robotically.

I loved the scene when she cried and smudging her blood all over Will to protect him, I can clearly see her emotions there. But I don't see how just a few more pages, when she temporarily lost Will at the British Museum she only cried a little then immediately stopped to take over the tank. Right, of course she's professional, priorities eh? Even when she got out of the tank to face Hermione, she said she wasn't doing it only for Will.

Okay, I respect that. At that point, I almost convinced she didn't felt anything for Will. Until she forced Jiggs to leave her and Will be, to say her goodbye. Should I start about Drake? I already cried in Spiral for him. Drake and Jiggs subplot didn't have much impact either. I even dare to think, that if they didn't showed up with a tank then Will and Elliot would be fine. Perhaps Elliot could have more time to explain to Will and a proper good bye.

They were doing fine with the Armagi before? So maybe it's just a way to give Elliot and Drake their goodbye also Parry seeing his son for the last time. What is up with earth as a spaceship anyway? The theory alone, in my mind, is very cool.

But it was poorly installed. If only there were enough clues or foreshadowing that would tick people's mind at the end, then it would have worked. Where did the earth came from?

So Elliot and Will is the last Styx left? Will they ever meet again? Was it only England who goes underground for their journey back? What happen to the rest of the world? How could life on Earth survive without the sun? I love the theory, but it just became ridiculous.

Funny how this is supposed to be the last book, but it just opened a whole new world that needs more explanation. Anyway, there are flaws here and there. But I did follow the story all this way. I hate it and I love it.

So I really hope there will be something like another book maybe, special edition, spin-off? Anything to finish this off properly.

Please give Will and Elliot a happier ending together; This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Saya membaca Spiral, buku kelima serial Tunnel, di tahun Sudah kurang lebih 3 tahun yang lalu. Sudah hampir lupa sama ceritanya. Untung di buku keenam ini, ada chapter yang judulnya: Ngomong-ngomong, ini cuma perasaan saya saja atau gimana, saya kok ngerasanya cover Terminal kalah blink-blink sama cover-cover sebelumnya? Bukunya juga lebih tipis.

Saya sebenarnya tidak terlalu suka dengan seria Saya membaca Spiral, buku kelima serial Tunnel, di tahun Saya sebenarnya tidak terlalu suka dengan serial Tunnels. Tapi seperti yang sudah saya bilang sebelumnya, saya bawaannya selalu keki kalau tidak menamatkan sebuah seri.

Mau tidak mau penasaran juga tentang bagaimana akhir petualangan Will. Meskipun tidak terlalu suka, tapi saya rasa, serial Tunnels ditulis dengan menarik. Ini tipe cerita yang mengalir kalau menurut saya. Saya bahkan sempat suka dengan Spiral. Saya rasa Spiral yang paling seru diantara semua serial Tunnels yang lain. Jadi di Terminal, cerita petualangan Will berlanjut.

Tunnels #6: Terminal

Meskipun begitu, saya rasa perkembangan Will sebagai tokoh utama masih biasa-biasa saja. Ini faktor utama kenapa saya kurang suka dengan serial Tunnels. Saya merasa Will tidak cocok mengemban misi hero. Oke, kembali ke Terminal, jadi ceritanya kan tim yang berusaha mencegah terjadinya Fase di atas tanah gagal.

Terminal (Tunnels Book 6)

Styx berhasil melahirkan para Armagi yang brutal. Rasanya mustahil bisa mengalahkan mereka semua. London terancam hancur. Kalau tidak oleh para Armagi, berarti oleh sekutu London dipihak manusia sendiri yang berusaha mencegah para Armagi menyebar ke belahan bumi yang lain.

Sementara tim bawah tanah, berhasil mencegah terjadinya Fase. Namun bayarannya mahal. Drake terpapar radiasi nuklir parah. Di sana, Will dan Elliot menemukan hal-hal magis yang tampaknya tidak bisa dijelaskan dengan ilmu pengetahuan. Uniknya, ada sesuatu yang tampaknya memandu Elliot. Memberi tahu dirinya bahwa ada cara untuk mengalahkan para Armagi dan Styx. Kalau di buku-buku sebelumnya, si kembar Rebecca dominan sekali melakukan hal-hal jahat.

Anehnya, di Terminal, mereka sepertinya tidak berkutik sama sekali. So, ending ceritanya, gantung menurut saya.

Jangan-jangan ntar ada sekuelnya lagi. Namanya juga Terminal kan ya?

Bisa berarti tempat pemberhentian, bisa juga tempat keberangkatan. Kalau menurut saya semua masalah yang terjadi di Tunnels dimulai gara-gara keluarga Burrow, maka di endingnya juga seperti itu.

Lagi-lagi mereka terancam menimbulkan masalah baru bagi para penduduk bumi. Kasian keluarga Burrow, salah apa ya mereka sama Styx ; At last, Terminal tidak terlalu membuat saya excited seperti Spiral. Tapi it's ok lah. Saya lega petualangan Will sudah sampai di Terminal XD.

Feb 09, Jessica Hoop rated it it was amazing. I was scared to read this book. I started reading the series in the sixth grade and am now a Junior in high school. As I get older, I have become less and less tolerant of fantasy and sci-fy books. So Terminal, being the final book in a crazy sci-fy series, scared me. But I had nothing to worry about. My favorite book in the series is easily Freefall, but Terminal is near the top. Freefall hit me hard I was scared to read this book. Freefall hit me hard with the whole idea of the "inner earth.

Terminal was very similar. Spoilers ahead But yet, it makes sense. It would completely make sense that these Styx are aliens--though are they really aliens because they are on their spaceship? The Phase was really difficult for me to wrap my mind around, but for some odd reason the tower and the scepter and the spaceship and the aliens just made sense.

It was just weird enough to tie up loose ends about why the Styx were so weird and different. This feeling reminds me of the first time I read Freefall. I thought Freefall was the last book in the series. When that plane flew through the inner world, I lost my mind. However, Terminal is the last book. I can accept the cliffhangers, because that's how Roderick Gordon writes.

It's a style that I expect. If everyone lived happily ever after, I would be furious, because that's not how it works. He's by far my favorite character. Drake, a normal human being at war with the Styx, came to his end by something as simple as a bullet. I know that with the radiation poisoning, there was some very serious foreshadowing that he would die, but Gordon let me do something very dangerous--hope.

I hoped that Drake would get some magical medicine, and he would go back to being the strong and unstoppable warrior. But Gordon snatched the hope from me with Drake's death. His last words were brilliant. Even though Drake claims he cannot think of any jokes, this is a joke itself. It was said before in the book that the worse the injury, the worse the joke.

I found it fitting that the worst joke Drake could ever say was that he couldn't think of a joke. That line was enough to bring a small smile to my face before he took his final breath. Jul 14, Mariano rated it it was amazing Shelves: I just cannot believe the 'Tunnels' series is finally over.

I felt a void within me when I finished Terminal.

I'm quite sad: How the story develop from page to page was something remarkable. Bad thing he didn't get to talk before Will and Elliott returned to the Surface.

I also enjoyed how Will got to mature from book to book, specially on how braver he became, how he was willing to fight until his last breath to help his friends and everyone else from the styx, and what a good person he still was. I will miss him a lot. Poor Chester, he became something horrible because of all the things that happened to him. He got crazy and enraged just to get his revenge on Danforth. I felt quite bad for him after he died, but he couldn't be saved anymore. The madness took over him completely I also got intrigued about Elliott.

I always knew that she had something special, and now I know what it was. She was the great savior of the planet. And the whole twist of events were what caught me the most. Danforth's simulated betrayal to infiltrate within the styx, the origin of the humans and styx alike, how Martha ended up to being alive. Roderick Gordon, Brian Williams, you did an amazing and remarkable conclusion to the series, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the ending. Though, in the end, there were left a lot of questions, doubts about what is going to happen to the Earth and its population now that the planet itself is moving to an unknown destination what they will find, and what will happen to Will, what will happen now that the New Germanians are all alone in the inner world If they don't get to find Elliott in the future.

Lots of questions, and I put all of my hopes that there will be answers in the future. I'm just dreaming, okey!? Dreaming is for all! And I cannot believe it's now over. But I'm more than happy now that I've got the chance to read the series until the very end. Hope we'll get to hear something new from Roderick in the future. If you're reading this, Roderick, I'll be waiting patiently One last thing I'd like to say to the very end of one of the best book series I've ever read: Mar 07, Anna rated it it was amazing Shelves: Terminal is the last book in the series about Will and Chester.

It's now a long time since the two boys discovered the Colony, and a lot have happened. Terminal starts where Spiral left off. I really like it that way. It created suspense. I got hooked from the first side. Because it's a long time since I read Spiral , I didn't remember that much. But after a few pages, it came back. The happenings and who did what. The book is really exciting and almost impossible to put down.

During the book I ha Terminal is the last book in the series about Will and Chester. During the book I had so many questions, which I luckily got the answers to. Like, who are the Bushmen? Danforth, is he good or bad? How are they going to defeat the Styx?

There is a lot of characters in this series. I liked most of them, like Will. He is the main character in the series. I liked his friendship with Chester and his relationship with Elliot. I really wished it would have ended another way. Poor Chester, slowly going mad. I understand some of his decisions and some not.

I haven't experienced such traumatic events, though. If I was Stephanie, I would also have been terrified. Burrows has really grown on me. At the beginning of the series, I didn't like her that much. She was always watching telly. But now I like her, now she does what she must. Colly is always together with Mrs. Colly is so sweet.

Then we have Drake.

Let's not talk about Drake. One of my favourite characters in the whole series. Probably my favourite of all of them. Then it had to end that way. I know that for most of you, this paragraph doesn't make any sense, but if you have read the book, it might There are also characters I don't like.

Like the Rebecca twins and Hermione. Why can't they go die in a hole? I hate them, the Styx and their Armagi. The way the Phase is done is horrible, absolutely gruesome! Of course Martha had to turn up. I didn't trust her before, and I don't do it now. Haven't you made enough trouble for Chester? I loved the ending. It came as a total surprise. I would never have seen it coming, but it made sense, though, and knitted together a lot of loose ends. I really recommend this series!!!

This review was originally published on my blog. Dec 07, Natalie rated it did not like it Shelves: I hated almost all the characters by the end, even the ones I really liked at the start, like Elliott. She just turned emo or something. The only character I liked was the mother.

She actually had some dimension and some character growth that was not a regression. I also HATE open ended endings. To me it is a copout, and this one had a whopper of an open ended ending.

Aug 22, Henrikas rated it it was ok.

I liked the book. I looked forward to the ending. It was easy and fun to read. But the end? The end. What on earth. I have too many questions about this book. No book has ever left me so clueless after the ending.

If someone gets what's going on, please tell me. Obviously no one is going to survive it on the surface, the temperatures in Space are close to celsius oxygen turns to a liquid a I liked the book. Obviously no one is going to survive it on the surface, the temperatures in Space are close to celsius oxygen turns to a liquid at And 7 billion people won't fit into the underground world. And what if they do? What if they somehoew manage to survive the journey? Nothing comes next.

Their "homeland" is most likely ruled by some Styx overlords. Mega-advanced styx overlords that is, because of millions of years that went from the time earth must have landed. What of Elliot? She is going to die in the underground world. Maybe just maybe, she'll get enough food and water there, but even travelling at light speed they won't reach any star soon, so she will die of old age. What of Jurgen and Klaus? Where the hell did they go?

I wanted to know that. We got to know characters and then they just disappeared, never to be heard from again.

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Stefane just seemed useless, I didn't understand what was her point in this series. Uhhh I'm angry at the ending. Can somebody tell me if I missed something, because I'm sad, angry, confused, but most of all dissapointed. I looked forward to the ending and then got destroyed in like 5 pages. I planned to reread them.. Now I 'm not sur eif I want that..

Please someone fix that impression..

Aug 09, Anna rated it liked it. Well, this was the last book in the series. The last book. The last Tunnels book ever. Why couldn't any of the characters have happy endings? Why did everything go so horribly wrong for them? Why did practically everyone frickin' die? Why is the earth now hurtling away from the sun? Why is everyone else going to die in the near future most likely? And why did the authors have to end the series on a cliffhanger!?!?!?!

I was so upset by some of the character's deaths that I Well, this was the last book in the series. I was so upset by some of the character's deaths that I couldn't even cry.

And so I am forced to give the book a three, instead of the five it probably deserves. However, no matter what rating I give it, I will miss these characters - those few who remain alive - and I wish them the best in their journey away from the sun.

And Will possibly turning into a Styx. Their problems never end, do they? Nov 25, Cameron rated it it was amazing. Terminal is the finale of the series Tunnels. Terminal is the end of the epic battle between the humans of Topsoil, or the Earth's crust and the Styx, a humanoid species bent on taking over the Earth. Will Burrows struggles to save himself and his race when a deadly virus wipes out all life under the surface of Earth. As Will struggles his friends defend the humans from an alien race, the Armagi in the final book in the Tunnels series.

Terminal kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire book. The other books in the series were fairly easily predicted and the ends were expected. Terminal was a wonderful way to end because of the now mysterious way it is written. It is incredibly suspenseful an expertly written book. I love this finale and will read it again but I am sad that the adventure is over. May 28, Ysabel Mystic rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is the second best book in the series.

It would be my favorite, but my favorite character died, and my least favorite survived. Overall, this was a spectacular ending to the Tunnels series OR is it the ending??? This is supposed to be the last book, yet I feel like I've been left dangling on another cliffhanger.

There HAS to be another!!! Gordon, I do believe that you owe your devoted readers an explanation One more complaint This sentence be This is the second best book in the series. This sentence below is how it should be written. Smith said, "I just made cookies.

Oct 06, Grant Herfindahl rated it it was amazing. This book was a lot better than the last one in the series. However the story used a structure unlike the previous books. It answered a few questions about the last book but I really wish there was another book.

Tunnels #6: Terminal

What will happen to the world. Will England be an isolated country? And what is going to happen to the Styx. I am also wondering about the fate of the colony. Without the Styx what will be different. I can't wait for the movies of this series. I hope it won't be too creepy. I think withou This book was a lot better than the last one in the series. I think without all the gory parts in the movies, it would be EPIC. Jan 07, Icy White rated it it was amazing. I would gave this book 4 stars, because it wasn't as good as Deeper, Freefall, Closer and Spiral mainly Closer I was crying and I couldn't stop.

Jan 26, William marked it as to-read. I read the series since I was in middle school, and you should know me by now. I fall in love with and stick with good series. Apr 17, Cameron Stclair rated it really liked it. This is the end Ill forever re-read these. Can't come fast enough! Kisah akhir Will Burrows yang luar biasa.

Readers also enjoyed. Young Adult. Science Fiction. About Roderick Gordon. Roderick Gordon. Roderick Gordon is the author of the Tunnels series of books. Terminal - the sixth book. It picks up right where Spiral left off. In the middle of a free fall struggle between Jiggs and a Styx limiter. Will and Elliott are still trying to save the world. Chester has gone a bit off his rocker not that you can really blame him and at least one Rebecca remains. Amazing stuff. Finding out more about the Styx was fantastic and threw a couple of curve-balls I wasn't fully expecting.

Hints that had been dropped in the previous books now made sense. I still thoroughly enjoy the world that has been created. A subterranean world beneath our own and another world below that.

Layers upon layers that make sense and pull you into a story that is compelling. And much like another favorite author, George R. Martin, Gordon and Williams have no fear of sacrificing characters for the sake of the story. As a reader it sometimes sucks, of course, but it serves the greater purpose of the story.

So, even as my heart, which has become sincerely attached is screaming "Nooooo", I know I will love the story to follow even more because of it. If you are confused by any of that then you need to go read the books before continuing. I mean it.

They are unbelievably fantastic books. And after this point "thar be spoilers" please read in your best pirate voice for full effect. Last chance before the spoilers Really your last chanceView all copies of this ISBN edition: This is the quickest I have ever read a book.

Not even the mighty US military is strong enough to stop the assault! A secret that may explain not only where the Styx came from, but the human race, too. How will all of the humans survive? I want them to finally be happy after everything I also have some minor issues with Elliot.

But after a few pages, it came back.