I go, “What do you need with a dollar, little man?” And he's, “I'm going to download a candy bar for breakfast.” Now that gets my attention. A candy bar for breakfast?. HUGE FUCKING TITLE CARD: THE SPECTACULAR NOW. AND THEN .. We see a stack of Manga books which Sutter bought at the store. He puts his feet up, . This National Book Award Finalist is now a major motion picture -- one of the most buzzed-about films at Sundance , starring Shailene Woodley (star of The.

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HUGE FUCKING TITLE CARD: THE SPECTACULAR NOW. AND THEN .. We see a stack of Manga books which Sutter bought at the store. - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. We see a stack of Manga books which Sutter bought at the . Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. Unlike most high school seniors, This National Book Award Finalist is now a major motion picture -- one of the most buzzed-about films at Sundance , starring Shailene.

Because whether you are a novice just starting to learn the craft of screenwriting or someone who has been writing for many years, you should be reading scripts.

There is a certain type of knowledge and understanding about screenwriting you can only get from reading scripts, giving you an innate sense of pace, feel, tone, style, how to approach writing scenes, how create flow, and so forth. We did 30 Days of Screenplays: Vol.

I get about pages in each time only to find myself bored and frustrated and not relating to the characters. I was curious to see how an adaptation of this material would fare.

PDF - The Spectacular Now

Sadly, for me, not much better. It was not. The story is a coming-of-age teen dramedy following the relationships and drunken exploits of one Sutter Keely.

The unlooked-after product of a one-parent home, Sutter has the freedom to do and be whatever and whoever he wants to be. Drinking gets top-billing. There were just too few consequences, maybe.

But we see, time and time again, he actually does this a lot — — we get him relating to a young kid on the verge of running away from home to go to Florida in search of his father. We get Sutter doing his best bud, Ricky, a solid in the way of a set-up so Ricky can find a girlfriend.

Tim Tharp,: The Spectacular Now

He just makes it tough. So, I was thrilled for the nice tit-for-tat arrangement between Sutter and Aimee which prompts Sutter to finally see his dad again, and Aimee finally stands up to her mother. Sutter takes Aimee along to see his dad, and the scenes are a dose of reality for poor Sutter — — both in that he sees his dad prefers drink and women to just about anything else in life, and in learning his dad chose to leave all those years ago. In the script, Sutter winds up making better decisions — — applying to college, getting sober, going to Philly to find Aimee in the end after not joining her initially.

The book is different.

And that ending, even in its uncertainty and wide openness, is more honest. Too abrupt. The language of the script is fine — nothing glaringly off-putting or anyting like that. I wanted that desperately, but came away much like I did with the novel. Sometimes you have to be serious.

Who needs it? I have everything I need right here. A job. Without a C on his final exam, he will not be graduating with the rest of his class.

Yeah, yeah, I've heard it all before. I'll be fine! Just fine. No biggie. On a more personal note, I would also like to bring to your attention the alarming lack of concern Sutter seems to have with regard to his future.

Here we go. He skips school on a regular basis, hasn't even thought about college yet, and lately seems to have fewer and fewer friends at school. How on earth does he know? What, is he stalking my FB page or something?

Aimee Finecky is the one person who will still spend time with him. At first, she seemed to be having a good influence on him at first — but recently I've been seeing some negative changes in her, and wonder if he isn't having a bad influence on this student, who was formerly so studious and quiet.

Okay, now that's a low blow. Aimee's just fine, thank you — I'm making sure of that. Students talk, Mrs.

Easley, and a teacher would have to be deaf not to overhear much of what they discuss. I'm not oblivious — I know that many of our students drink alcohol at the parties they attend on the weekends.

Whoa, wait — he does? From the comments I've been overhearing, however, it seems that the agree Sutter drinks more than any of them by far, and that it's affecting his relationships with them, as well as his schoolwork and plans for the future.

He's just a teacher — what does he know? He probably misunderstood them. I've got tons of friends! In the end, Mrs. Easley, I only want what's best for your son.

Yeah, right.Aster from inside his classroom. Getting into it.

The Spectacular Now

I love Solar Bull! As they walk towards the keg. Sutter notices. He takes a swig of the beer, staring at a college application on his computer. After Cassidy makes their split final and leaves him for the quarterback, Marcus West Dayo Okineri , Sutter being true to his philosophy, instead of lurching in anguish seeks out fun by indulging in drunken revelry.

Why the hell not? Sutter is back to his relaxed self.