This Vrath can be started from any Thursday by uttering SAI BABA's name. On the 9th Guruwar, she fed poor people and distributed SAI VRAT books among. Sai Baba - 9 Thursdays Vratham - Tamil. Posted by Unknown at Download Shirdi Sai Vrath ebook in tamil in PDF format The book was about 9 Thursdays Sai Baba Vrat. She said that keeping Click here to download the vrat katha for free · Sai Vrat Katha Book.

Sai Baba 9 Weeks Vratam Book In Download

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సాయి బాబా తొమ్మిది గురువారాల వ్రతము (Saibaba Tommidi Guruvaramula Vratam In Telugu) this telugu copy of Saibaba 9 Thursday's Vratam due to the grace of baba during our vrat. This book is a result of a huge effort from my wife. Please download/read/correct/distribute as you see fit. Read this story and do this Sai vrat with full faith for 9 Thursdays and . sai nav guruvar vrath katha book in pdf format u can download them. Free Books pdf format dedicated to Shri Sai baba Shirdi. Available for free download or read them online and spread his thoughts and leela in mind NINE GURUWAR SAI VRATH English How Worship done · Aarti · Chalisa · Maha Mantra · Sai Baba Fast (Vrat) · Use of Satcharitra · Pray in feet · Status and Shayariya.

He started staying at home all day and his nature become worst. It was an afternoon. There was enormous light on his face.

And he asked for rice and dal lentils. Saint told as follows about the Vrat.


One can give 5, 11 or 21 etc. Since i get mails from shirdi saibaba devotees who cant donate food : Saibaba devotees living abroad and those who are not able to give food , can give some sweets to your friends or childrens near by. If possible send money to your relatives in india or request them provide food to poor people sitting outside temple or generally distribute sweets to devotees in any temple.

Its better to make childrens happy by giving them any toys, books sweets etc. The point is you are inlving yourself in a good deed. By doing this, their wishes will be fulfilled very soon too. Since few saibaba devotees living abroad are not able to get this book , you can also distribute Sainath stavan manjari provided in this site. Take a print out and send to your friends or send the link with personal message to close friends. In this Kali Age Kaliyug , this vrat is very effective.

This vrat will give desired fruit to doer but doer must have full faith and patience. She started Vrat from the Thursday.

And she finished 8 Guruwars with full faith. As soon as she finished the Vrat, all the quarrels vanished from her house. Prosperity, happiness and peace spread in her home.

Their business started doing well. And in no time, they got all the happiness and prosperity. Both husband and wife started living happily. Her sister-in-law was talking with Kokilaben. The former said that her kids were not studying and getting failed in exams. HE helps everyone. And explained her everything about the vrat. Her sister-in-law went to Surat and she sent a letter after few days. It was a great miracle.

Dear shirdi sai baba , as you have blessed these people, please bless all of us too. Questions and doubts about this sai nav guruwar vrat puja? I have not done this pooja myself but my sai friends has done.

Few ask me about the story and i guide them with links but better copy the contents of this page , take printouts and distribute it in the end of 9 weeks pooja or just send email to your sai friends. If you still have doubt write to me, i shall try to guide you when i have time.

సాయి బాబా తొమ్మిది గురువారాల వ్రతము (Saibaba Tommidi Guruvaramula Vratam In Telugu)

Please start doing it with love on sai. Don't stop yourself from doing this pooja.. Its simple. If you feel like doing it , ask baba for blessings to start it and try to do it. My prayers to sai for you to start sai vrat pooja as soon as possible. So, also, to all the devotees. You are the mistress of the realm of words; Because of your existence, Hail, Hail to you, Sainath, All worldly transactions are carried on. Redeemer of sinners and merciful one! I lay my head down at your feet; You are the deity revered by all authors; Now give me your protection.

You are eternally the pride of this nation; Your infinite power prevails everywhere. You are the whole world, the abode of bliss; I bow to you, Jagadambe You, yourself, are Vishnu, the paragaon among men; You are the Supreme Spirit and beloved of the One whose wife is Uma! You are also that enemy of Cupid. Incarnation in human form of Pandhariraya You are the ocean of kindness and infinite You are God in human form! Oh Panduranga Narahari!

You are the ocean of kindness! You are the anti-dote for worldly maladies! All the sciences and sacred books are still You are the divine purifer Ganges river for delving your devotees! To plumb the essence of your nature. You are the raft for those drowning in Those who are pedagogues, worldliness! To them, you are not revealed, oh Chakrapani, You are the refuge of the timid.

All those foolish people Only indulge in the jugglery of words. You are the very cause of this creation! That which is pure Chaitanya!

Only the saints understand you You are that Oh, very treasure of compassion; Others remain baffled. The universe is only one of your leelas. To you, my obeisance, Respectful and with my whole body You are not born! Death also does not affect you! This is the final conclusion Oh, You, five - headed Shankara Which one arrives at, after thoughtful search. These concepts are born of ignorance!

From both you are free One who receits your name all the time, Oh, Lord, of course! His worldly adversities are immediately dissolved If water appears as a spring, Such is, oh Dhurjati Does it imply that its source is there?

The power of your name. It existed already, full and flush, Merely sprang up from within the earth. With obeisance at your feet, I am writing this paean of praise; Water that springs up in a hollow Help me always to complete this mission, Is, therefore, so described or named; Oh, you, Nilakantha - the blue - throated one! A "spring" becomes its proper name. Without the water, it is only a hollow.

To spring up and to dry up and disappear, Saints are the river Godavari, This is not the nature of water; And, you are the water in it Because the water of the spring We are the puddles, wells and lakes; Has no importance for the hollow it fills. That is the difference between us. It is only the hollow that is mistakenly proud For the fulfilments of our lives Of itself, rather than the water that filled it.

We must surrender to you, Therefore, when the water dries up Always, with folded hands, The hollow becomes impoverished.

Because you are the embodiment of piety. Although there are innumerable such hollows The essence is the same in everyone.

The bed of Godavari That is considered as truly sacred, Until now, who are without a beginning, Owes all its sanctity I say to you, merciful one, To the quality of the land through which it flows To destroy the mountain of ignorance The water latent in the clouds Please become the thunderbolt of Indra! Does not alter that part of the earth on which it falls; Until now, such hollow beings Yet, that very part of the earth, Have existed in large numbers, on this earth.

Is called Godavari or pure by the scholars Many more exist even now, of the sacred books. And, in the future, as time goes by, many more Where the water has fallen elsewhere, will come. It has acquired the qualities of the soil on those places; Each such hollow being Contaminated, bitter, salty it becomes Is given a separate and different name and Though originally sweet. Truly encompasses the whole world, Then, the "you and me" the duality concept, From the beginning of creation How can it possibly be entertained?

Godavari has been in existence; It has been full of water Water latent in the clouds And it has never lacked it till today. That which falls into a well Does not have the same worthiness or prestige. The bed alone remains the same, The water have flowed into the ocean, The sancity is eternal Do not change, Guruvara, Of the river - bed, to this day.

My discharge is your concern too. A child always commits mistakes, A century is like a year. But a mother does not scold; The sages of that century Remembering this, Are like the flowing waters Grant me your grace.

While the great souls are like the waves on the Oh, Sadguru Sainath, water. You are my "Kalpataru"!

You are the means for crossing this worldly Of these saints who are like Godavari, ocean, In the early centuries, you alone are so - undoubtedly. There was a great flood You are "Kamdhenu"! You are the sun in the sky of knowledga, Followed by narada and tumber You are great mine of virtues!

Dhurva, Prahlad, powerful king Bali, Oh, you are the ladder to heaven! Shabari, Angad, Vayukumar, Vidur, Gope - Gopika Oh, pious, purest one, Oh, embodiment of peace and bliss, Thus, many came the present time Oh, the Supreme Self, In each of the centuries of the past; Oh, the non-dual one, the ocean of knowledge; The floods came repeatedly, Oh, incarnation of the Supreme wisdom, the best Which I am unable to recount.

In your form, Oh, Sainath! Ridden with vices, But do not cast me off! Your present manifestation, And your manifold nature The inherent defects of iron are really difficult to understand! Are ignored by "parisa" The knowledge about your caste and creed The small streams of the village, Lendi and ohol You do not reveal to anybody.

Are not rejected by the Godavari. Some say you are a Muslim, I am full of vices within. You too, are inscrutable! This, only, is the plea of "Das" Having observed Shree Krishna Different people called him by various names. Based on his mental attitude, Names are give, by them. But for those devotees desirous of knowledge They are of no consequences. Saints are as pleasing as the moon, Caste and creed have no relevance to you; Their benignness is as gentle as moonlight.

You are the Guru Supreme! You are the creator of this world! Are the same, definitely. On the contrary, their love for the sinners You are beyond caste and greed, Is immeasurable. Only the soiled clothes come to be cleaned; The clean ones;in a trunk, Giving free rein to surmises and conjectures, Remain far from the Godavari banks.

9 Thursdays Sai Baba Vrat

Arguments have flourished about you. There, my insignificant Even that which remained in the trunk, Words, how will they prevail? Is like a bath in the Godavari; Wash away my sins. Therefore, by means of words, Oh, Samarth, and purify me! Whtaever description is possible, We worldly people There is no need to speak more.

Sainaths Preachings: Book Published by Bharat J Saini Page 1

Dweller of Shirdi village. How can it do justice, tell me? You are the cool, shady tree, with abundent To save the sinners, foliage; You came to Shirdi; We are the travellers, really, Pouring water into earthen lamps, Suffering from the scorching sun-rays You made them burn.

The answer is yes. Is it compulsory to visit Sai Baba Temple? No it is not. But it is preferred.

Shri Sai Baba

If any unavoidable circumstances exist then Baba can be worshipped at home only. Only thing required is full faith!!! Can i do Vrat if i am not at home or when I am travelling? Yes you can. Baba has not laid any compulsions for worshipping Him. This applies in this Vrat also.

Again only thing required is full faith!!!

What if i miss any Thursday s due to unavoidable circumstances? That Thursday s should be skipped and following Thursday s can be considered in counting Nine Thursdays. The same applies for women if they are going through menses. Is it compulsory to conclude Vrat on nineth Thursday?

Yes it is. How Vrat is concluded? Vrat is concluded by visiting Sai Baba temple on nineth Thursday, feeding five poor people and distributing 5,11 or 21 Sai Vrat Katha books to your friends and relatives to increase Sai Mahima.

What if Sai Vrat Katha books are not available for distribution?

As said earlier they are easily available in India. For devotees residing abroad they can mail scanned copies of books. What if I cannot feed poor people? Devotees residing abroad generally face this question. In such cases devotees can request their relatives to feed poor people in India on their behalf. If they wish to do the same themselves then they can keep food articles in any nearby Sai temple and request temple authorities to offer these food articles as prasad.

What if I reside abroad and cannot do Vrat on Thursday being a working day? I got a mail asking this question from a lady Sai devotee.

Let me first her question with you. I have done this vrat a year back and had amazing results. Can I ask you a question? Can this vrat be done on any other days, e.Thy grace made him to see Shiva is thee! Jungal jungal bhatak na pagal, aur dhundne Baba ko, Ek jagah keval Shirdi main, tu paiga Baba ko. Shanker samaj bhakta kayee to, Baba ko bhajhte rahte, Koyee kahe avatar datta ka, pooja Sai ki karte.

I have a claim on your milk. After this, Prasaad of Ladoo, made from gram flour, is distributed.