PDF | On Sep 23, , David Carter and others published Expert Systems with Applications. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Expert Systems With Applications | Recommender Systems (RSs) are software tools and techniques providing. Expert Systems with Applications is a refereed international journal of expert and intelligent systems applied in industry, government, and universities worldwide.

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Expert Systems With Applications has an open access mirror journal (Expert Systems with Applications: X), sharing the same aims and scope, editorial team. Expert Systems With Applications has an open access mirror journal (Expert . ( PDF) proof is generated and the reviewing process is carried out using that PDF. Read the latest articles of Expert Systems with Applications at, Elsevier's leading platform of Pages Download PDF.

The best-known system of living species, but also from our ancestors. These attempts ourselves Homo sapiens, which in Latin means a reasonable were not successful, which led to another and different person or person of the knowledge, man who knows[2]. One such system is the expert system.

An International Journal

What does it means? It means that first you have to single out the following classes: learn about the area of the problem, gain some knowledge - Interpretation: interpretation of the situation, concerning the problem, and then to make an approach to solve depending on the input of known values; the problem.

Speaking in the language of artificial intelligence, - Prediction: predicting of the most probable next event the knowledge about a particular problem is called expert or outcome in a given situation; knowledge. The basic task of the critical points of the plan, with the aim of exploring the expert system is to enable the use of the knowledge and possibilities for the safe handling of the plan; experience of top experts, which are built-in the expert - Remont: fulfillment of the plan on the basis of the systems.

Edward Feigenbaum states that the expert system is recommendations, with the aim to remove some of an intelligent computer program that uses knowledge and breakdowns, for example. The knowledge required to work at that - Education: educating students in a certain area, in level, and procedures applied to make conclusions, can be terms of mentoring students; considered as a model of thinking taken from the best - Management Systems: which contains several of the professionals of certain the area.

The basis of this the future, controls the execution of the plan, diagnose sistems is specially designed software that models the elements errors and plan future goals and activities [5]. Knowledge of the expert system consists of the facts and There are several characteristics of expert systems, based experiential rules.

Facts are a set of information that are widely on which concludes on their efficiency: distributed, publicly available and accepted among experts of - Expert systems must have the ability to easily update that area. Experiential rules are mostly personal, rarely justified the knowledge, with the aim of increasing knowledge by the rules of good judgment, describing decision -making at and improving the model.

This feature is essential, not the professional level in that area. The expert system may questions, explains the reasoning and justify conclusions. By be able to learn alone some new facts and thus increase using an expert system, it can be inferred from the limited its knowledge; knowledge domain and even get closer to human - To be able to cope with the problems from the real performances, and in some cases even to overcome them.

On world, an expert system must have flexible strategies the other hand, expert systems can not provide a solution to the for problem solving, as well as humans-experts.

The second world congress on expert systems: A review

This is problem which neither human beings do not know how to necessary because the solution to every problem, and solve. In order to be reasoned as a human being, expert system information available for its resolution, must be not only serves factual knowledge, as well as for conventional slightly different each time; programs, there are served with incomplete knowledge and the - Expert systems need to demonstrate high performance results of observation, based on experiment and intuition [2].

By applying expert systems, they are solving some of the Expert systems that make mistakes when faced with major drawbacks of experts, which include factors that can basic problems, for whose resolving are designed, are often be rare, expensive, busy, error-prone, and so on.

It also not considered to be expert systems; occurs due to problems of experts transition in competition, - Expert systems must have the ability to explain what when it happens the knowledge loss, trade of secrets, they did and why they did it, in the same way how interruption of work on the initiated projects, etc.

Expert humans-experts explain their actions. Knowledge base - represents knowledge manager, for example must make an quality and efficiency composed of facts and general information as well decision, despite the short period of time or stress situation as heuristics in the area of problem solving; which he is exposed.

Expert system for the same input parameters always brings the same decision. For it does not 2. Configuration applications were pioneered by computer companies as a means of facilitating the manufacture of semi-custom minicomputers McDermott The technique has found its way into use in many different industries, for example, modular home building, manufacturing, and other problems involving complex engineering design and manufacturing.

Financial Decision Making The financial services industry has been a vigorous user of expert system techniques. Advisory programs have been created to assist bankers in determining whether to make loans to businesses and individuals. Insurance companies have used expert systems to assess the risk presented by the customer and to determine a price for the insurance.

A typical application in the financial markets is in foreign exchange trading. Knowledge Publishing This is a relatively new, but also potentially explosive area.

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Call for Papers. Special Issues. Special issues published in Expert Systems with Applications. Ting-Peng Liang Xitong Guo Tan Yigitcanlar. Ildar Batyrshin Miguel Gonzalez-Mendoza.

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Expert system

Accurate multi-criteria decision making methodology for recommending machine learning algorithm.Please click here for more information on our author services. The journal will publish papers in expert and intelligent systems technology and application in the areas of, but not limited to: finance, accounting, engineering, marketing, auditing, law, procurement and contracting, project management, risk assessment, information management, information retrieval, crisis management, stock trading, strategic management, network management, telecommunications, space education, intelligent front ends, intelligent database management systems, medicine, chemistry, human resources management, human capital, business, production management, archaeology, economics, energy, and defense.

Based on achieved results, artificial intelligence can be divided into In A significant area for research was the generation of explanations from the knowledge base in natural English rather than simply by showing the more formal but less intuitive rules. It is possible to ask the question: why to develop information about the knowledge they possess [6]. The Expert System may make a mistake. This is problem which neither human beings do not know how to necessary because the solution to every problem, and solve.

The applications find their way into most areas of knowledge work.