One of the four main books explaining the on of times timeline and events. A supplement to warhammer fantasy battles, or better, an alternate ending, where all comes to an end an the world is eventually consumed and destroyed by chaos, this volume focuses on the resurgence and. The End Times Nagash - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Wakka. End Times I - Nagash (8ed Expansion - Missing Character Rules) Warhammer - Time of Legends - [Sundering 03] - Caledor by Gav Thorpe (Undead) (v) Warhammer the End Times Vol 3 - Khaine Book 2 - The Rules.

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The End Times, , KB. file, The End Times, , KB. file, The End Times download The Return of Nagash: The End Times Book 1 (End Times 1) by Josh Reynolds (ISBN: ) from site's Book Store. Everyday low prices. Warhammer End Times Nagash Pdf To Doc' title='Warhammer End Times Nagash Pdf To Doc' />What an asshole and a colossal skeletal.

At that time it lay in the lair of the Chaos Dragon Flamefang, who valued the Eye above all of its other treasures. Long did man and monster battle at the base of the Cliff of Beasts. Flamefang breathed fire and even swallowed Archaon whole, but the Armour of Morkar protected him from its acidic stomach.

Archaon hacked his way out of the dragon's gullet with the ferocity of a Flesh Hound, until Flamefang's throat was hacked to shreds and it died of exhaustion and blood loss. Archaon plucked the Eye of Sheerian from its place on the belly of the dragon and hung it around his neck as his rightful reward. Archaon battled his way past the daemons guarding Agrammon's palace and sneaked inside, hiding beneath a beast that was part man, part mammoth and part insect.

Inside was every beast imaginable, and some that were not. Archaon tracked Dorghar through the menagerie by its sulphurous stench. When he found it he vaulted on to its back. The Steed of the Apocalypse changed shape and burst into flames, but Archaon was able to break it like a wayward stallion and escape from the Realm of Chaos. The warriors battling around the plateau saw the determination and destiny of Archaon, and he quickly gathered a huge horde of followers to wage war against the chimeras.

From the top, Archaon looked down on the world, swearing that he would one day rule over all of it. Suddenly, what he had taken for a mountain behind him turned over in its sleep, causing a series of earthquakes in the lands below. Prince Ograx the Great, the strongest of Archaon's companions, was able to lift up one of Krakanrok's talons high enough for Archaon to retrieve the daemonsword. However, the daemon bound inside began to shriek with deafening volume.

With the blade's thirst quenched with royal blood, Archaon was able to sheath it and return from the plateau to the cheers of his followers, carrying his blade with him throughout all his future battles. Forged before the dawn of man, the "Crown of Domination" once held the Eye of Sheerian, but had since been lost to history.

Decades after finding the Slayer of Kings, Archaon still had no clue as to the whereabouts of this ancient battle-helm. Eventually Be'lakor revealed its location, planning to steal the crown after Archaon found it.

Be'lakor led Archaon up the mountain, the Steed of the Apocalypse carrying him over the most difficult terrain. Through the gateway was a labyrinth filled with dire beasts and vengeful daemons. Here Archaon was tested by each of the Chaos Gods to see if he was truly worthy to be the Everchosen. Nurgle sent deadly diseases that Archaon fought off with sheer willpower.

Tzeentch created a labyrinth of crystal, but Archaon blindfolded himself and used instinct alone to navigate it. Slaanesh sent temptation after temptation, but Archaon resisted, never diverting from the path to the inner gates of the Shrine.

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Suddenly, a mighty Bloodthirster of Khorne erupted from the flames and attacked the potential Everchosen. The Greater Daemon was strong, but Archaon drew strength from the Slayer of Kings and wrested the Bloodthirster's weapons away and strangled it with its own whip. The hellfire died away, leaving Archaon gravely injured and standing in a simple shrine.

Archaon took the crown and, with his wounds healing and frame swelling with power, he held it to the heavens. All that he needed now was a coronation. Karl Franz, Incarnate of Heaven. Malekith, Incarnate of Shadow. Alarielle, Incarnate of Life. Nagash, Incarnate of Death.

Balthazar Gelt, Incarnate of Metal. Tyrion, Incarnate of Light revived. Grimgor Ironhide, Incarnate of Beast. Caradryan, Incarnate of Fire. High King Thorgrim, Avatar of Grungni. Gotrek Gurnisson, Avatar of Grimnir. Araloth, Avatar of Asuryan. Aislinn, Avatar of Mathlann. Imrik, Avatar of Nethu. Daith, Avatar of Vaul. Orion, Avatar of Kurnous.

Eldyra, Avatar of Ereth Khial.

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Martak, Avatar of Ulric. Slayer King Ironfist. Valten, Champion of Sigmar. Ar Ulric Emil Valgeir. Teclis, Loremaster of Hoeth. Katarin, Ice Queen. King Louen Leoncoeur. King Gilles le Breton. Luthor Huss, Prophet of Sigmar. Grand Theogonist Volmar.

Arkhan the Black. King Settra the Imperishable. Neferata, Vampire Queen. Khalida, Queen of Lybaras. Best Render For Sketchup Tehenhauin, Prophet of Sotek. The Celestial Dragon Emperor of Cathay. Strength Estimated in the Tens of Millions. Status Ultimate Chaos Victory. Casualties Estimated in the Hundreds of Millions.

Outcome Destruction of the Warhammer World.

The End Times 2. It was heralded upon the arrival of the Twin Tailed Comet, both an omen of hope and destruction, which signaled the coronation of the new Everchosen Archaon the Three Eyed King, the Lord of the End Times and his bid to bring destruction upon the Human nations of the Old World. As the world endures its final, agonizing demise, the mortal races of the Old World are fighting to the very last against the encroaching darkness which seeks to consume them all.

To the West, upon the distant lands of Naggaroth, the followers of Khorne are descending southwards with black banners high, hell bent on bringing nothing but ruin and destruction in their wake.


In response, legions of Dark Elven warriors have been roused on the warpath, holding out against the blood crazed hordes that are assailing at their very gates. Yet for all their pride and glamour, they will inevitably fail, for their King Malekith has abandoned them to enact one final gamble to reclaim his birthright. With their beloved Everqueen gone and their proud Phoenix King dead, a young Prince has arisen through the ranks to lead his people through this time of conflict, setting up a chain of events that will forever tear this mighty kingdom apart.

Farther to the south west, upon the distant lands of Lustria, the massive jungle realm of the Lizardmen Empire, a new and deadly conflict has once more been reignited after nearly centuries of peace had endured. To the far East, the prospect of battle brought about by the end of the World has stirred the Greenskin race into a frenzy.

The Greenskins have always thrived on war, always fighting each other as much as any other foe. However a sudden urge soon captured the simple minds of their savage race as they felt something big brewing in the north.

Soon, the infighting that has plagued their long and ardious history had vanished, and an overwhelming urge to unite upon one banner has made the Greenskin race united like never before for the coming, world ending conflict.

Even the Dwarfs, stout allies of the Empire and Sigmars people, have felt this encroaching doom as they saw volcanic fire spew forth from the Mountains of Mourn, resulting in the call for massive military mobilization the scale of which had never been seen since the time of the Great Catastrophe. Soon, artifacts of Old are being found, and the Dwarfs stood ready in their hopes of bring about a new Golden Age for their people as they seek to summon forth the Ancestor Gods themselves back to this world.

But it is upon the Human realms of the Old World where the fate of this world truly lies.

Warhammer: The End Times Collection

Everywhere you see, all of Mankind is beset by evil forces both Old and New. In the southern realms of Tilea and Estalia, the mortals of those distant fractious nations are beset by a nightmarish hordes from the depths of the World below.

Soon entire cities are lost as the Skaven race have once more invaded in order to bring about the start of the Great Ascendency and summon forth their foul deity to usher in the downfall of the surface world. To this end, Apocalypse movement trays will prove incredibly useful for moving your large infantry units and ensuring that all your models remain in coherency. It completely reverse the advantage of being first player in a turn as you can now wait to see who's getting shot at before moving out.

Ie : If your knight have taken 20 wounds already you can use him for a Glorious Charge because you already know he's dead anyway. I wonder if Some Strategic Assets are going to cancel death or stuff like that. Datasheets Let's take a look at the Warhammer Apocalypse Datasheets now : Roughly the same than Warhammer 40k , Armor save are changed to remove the need to us AP everywhere. Attacks and Wounds are correlated to the squad size i think.On the chopping block was every special character from 8th edition who did not have a model and even some who did right up until the finale where rocks fell and everyone died.

It has been ages since my last game of Kings of War so I am really happy to post this battle report! Aislinn, Avatar of Mathlann. I did well in regular season going 6 wins, 1 loss, and Then shall he ride unto the World Orion, Avatar of Kurnous. When Nagash was done with the sorcerers he brutally killed them during an escape attempt and consumed their souls you know that when someone can out evil and out betray Dark Elves, theyre cold mothafuckas.

Soon, the infighting that has plagued their long and ardious history had vanished, and an overwhelming urge to unite upon one banner has made the Greenskin race united like never before for the coming, world ending conflict.

Any he DOES decide to kill, he wipes out their entire family as is his way.